Fall after Newton, 1987.

Contact Improv 101

This is a seminal video created by the founders of Contact Improv, a dance style which my father, Andrew Harwood has dedicated a lifetime to. Growing up in this community I spent a lot of time around Steve and Nancy, and the handful of other pioneer practitioners of this dance genre.

Nowadays I practice this style recreationally because it’s just really fun and helps me connect to things like gravity, balance, spontaneity, alignment, and much more. …Also just keeps me limber.
Most people have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention anything about C.I. and this video narrated by Steve Paxton himself (which comes in 3 parts on youtube) explains it all very well…from the horse’s mouth as they say.

If you wish to get involved with the form here in Montreal, I recommend heading over to the ACI website.


Creative shoot

Creative direction & styling: Frédérique Légaré
Photography: Josiane Issa
Models: Gabriela & Someone
Clothing: ibiki



Took a few last shots of this set I designed and had built for Le Partage, a pop-up we did last holiday season. Wasn’t easy to take an exacto to these guys but storing them forever is nonsensical. These photographs will serve to immortalise them. (Oh and there’s a 3D render of it further down on the site if you keep scrolling down).

Window installations by Jonah Leslie, 01 to 03 2017.

Paint Buckets

The point of entry on each window installation begins with choosing the main material element with which to build. This selection is determined by things found in our immediate surrounding within the shop.

Shirts, bags, mops, boxes, paper towel, price tags and in this case white paint buckets, are part of the spaces inherent constituents- which are displayed with the least amount of added materials possible.

A monotone (often white) palette is chosen in order to accentuate the volumes, shapes and overall composition of the sculpture and to blur the relationship and familiarity one has to the object in question. The shapes created take form according to the vitrine scale; height, length, depth, and other characteristics of the building in relation to its perceiver are taken into account.

Added to that is the tendency toward modularity, thus making it possible to deconstruct and reassemble each set multiple times, before passing onto a new theme. This part is open ended. I will change installations when I feel it’s time, or have a new idea, or get tired of the last one…

It is this set of parameters that forms a common thread between each window installation I’ve created since the opening.

Above are images from our winter 2017 paint buckets remixes.

Peter Fischli & David Weiss, 1984- 1986.

Poster Section

These iconic prints are from Museo Jumex’s 2016 exhibition on the Swiss duo.

(Right) Natural Grace, (Left) A restless night, both taken from Equilibres (A quiet afternoon) series.

We offer both until stock lasts.

23 1/5″ x 31 1/2″

John Berger, 1972.

Ways Of Seeing

“Ways of Seeing is a 1972 television series of 30-minute films created by writer John Berger (1926-2017). It was broadcast on BBC Two in January 1972 and adapted into a book of the same name.

The series was intended as a response to Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation series, which represents a more traditionalist view of the Western artistic and cultural canon, and the series and book criticize traditional Western cultural aesthetics by raising questions about hidden ideologies in visual images.”

I’d pinned this video in my mind some years ago as something I wanted to post on the site. Finally I did, and learned just after that he passed away recently.

There’s a nice write up about him and his work in the latest Printed Pages which we have (the fuscia cover with a pseudo-happy face on it).


Slow Editions

New tshirts from Slow Editions with one print (the UFO graphic named 5904) by Masanao Hirayama -from whom we have a few other items floating around the shop.

Stock is very limited as we got the last ones!