Le Partage 2018

On Friday December 15th from 17h to 21h we’re hosting the soft launch of a little pop-up story around the theme of sharing. (Which will run until xmas).

Le Partage is an amalgamation of gift ideas fabricated by friends and collaborators of the shop for the community and beyond.

Fun and affordable items presented for your shopping pleasures and gift lists.

The window area will be transformed into a vintage homeware presentoir – mixing Korean deadstock kitchenware and second hand furniture from Reixue.

On the same night, we’ll be releasing the 3rd capsule collection of our in-house label named Versions… a continuation of the graphic work we put out this time last year.

The folks collaborating on LE PARTAGE include;

-Eli Horn (Print)
-Fatine Violette Sabiri (Print, Ceramics)
-Florian Pétigny (Print)
-Gerald Lajoie (Porcelaine)
-Hugo Bernier (Prints, Tote)
-Jonah Leslie (Prints)
-Luc Paradis (Gear)
-Mathieu Dionne (2018 Calendar)
-Pascale 93 (Tee+Tote)
-Reixue (Vintage furniture)
-Versions (Clothing +Bags)
-Women on Pots (Ceramics)

Many items are one-offs or produced in very small runs so it’s a bit of a first come first serve scenario. BUT, the pop-up will run until Christmas (until stock lasts).
So join us on opening night if you can!


Around Town

Freshly back from an art residency in Japan, and seemingly quite inspired, I asked Marion if she wanted to take some photos with items from the shop – mixing her sense of composition and street photography. These are that.

Photography: Marion Paquette
Clothing: ibiki (fw17)

11, 2017.


Photography: Sabrina Jolicoeur
Direction: Sabrina Jolicoeur & Jonah Leslie
Location: White Wall Studio
Clothing: ibiki (fw17)

11, 2017.

Anna Gleeson

I’m not even sure how I first came across Anna’s work exactly but it had to do with a zine she used to produce named HA WAN PAO. She lives and works out of Hong Kong, and uses mostly risograph when working with prints. A little care package arrived this week including a lovely 2018 nude calendar and a few 12″ x 18″ (or so) prints, shown above., … and a few others not shown here. Oh, and I asked her to throw in a few back issues of Ha Wan Pao for the shop shelves.

09, 2017.

Nicky (part one)

Subject: Nicky
Photos & Direction: Jonah Leslie
Location: White Wall Studio
Clothing: ibiki


Versions drop 2

Producing this second installment has not been easy. Things took wayyyy longer than they should have, which is why it’s only coming out now. Small runs land you at the very bottom of the production line when it comes to cutting and sewing. Which is what we’ve done. I was aiming to have everything come out in one go but things have been trickling in bit by bit.

The tees above are direct to garment prints with photos of mine on ready made t-shirts from Montreal, but the tote bags, made in a double faced black/blue jean cloth, are designed by moi and produced locally. They come in a regular size, and an XL size too. Some have the blue on the outside, some black…

Basic unisex black, and, white tees as well as a sleeveless muscle tee (which I haven’t had time to shoot yet) just arrived. There’s some longsleeves and a couple wild cards on the way soon too so keep your eyes peeled when you come by.


Tylor Macmillan

After their stop-off at the Toronto Art Book earlier this summer folks behind Freaker Unlt and dd00gg paid us a little visit. I’d hit them up sometime in the spring and we decided to meet in person and see what’s what (they’re from Vancouver). We took whatever they had left; a few zines and some prints – which are sold out by now, BUT we just received a run of T-shirts from Tylor Macmillan (1/3 of dd00gg) aka News aka Deep Gnome (that’s his insta handle), and they come with a sweet newspaper poster (for free!) which is not shown here. Most of the above 6 designs also come in black and cost a measly $38.