Versions One. 12-2016.

VERSIONS capsule collection

These are photos of an introductory collection to Versions, our in-house line.

This first splash focuses on prints but we’ve already begun working on cut-and-sew items for SS17.

Production can get real tricky and take time to set-up properly so I decided to start somewhere manageable, and grow it from there.

Alexis Coutu-Marion and I designed a sun, a moon, a scatter of the ibiki logo as a salute to the shop, and a space gazer (which is a graphic made with a photograph of a sculpture by Luc Paradis).

These photos were taken with some friends in my studio (… and we’ll be releasing more on our instagram page (@versionsversionsversions) in the coming weeks so do add us if you’d like to stay connected to this project!


01-02-03, 2017.

Heures d’Hiver / Winter Hours

Back to regular hours (located on the info page) in April!

Le Partage pop-up window set. 12-2016.

Furniture Set

This is a render (by Gaelle Le Couster) of the window furniture I designed for Le Partage pop-up, which took over the window area during the holiday season.

Window Installation by Jonah Leslie. 12- 2017.

Garment Bags

I had to cut playtime short with the garment bags because of Le Partage Pop-up. Only got one variation in with this set even though it has much potential.

Isabelle Wenzel

Isabelle had a little spread in the latest 1Granary issue and I thought it a good excuse to feature her work on the site. Most of her images feature herself and are shot with a timer. She’s from Germany, studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (where she still lives), and is born in the same year as me, 1982.

Isabelle Wenzel, 2010.

Building Images

Blueprint for counter education

A new title which I’m very excited about.

“Maurice R. Stein and Larry Miller’s Blueprint for Counter Education is one of the defining (but neglected) works of radical pedagogy of the Vietnam War era. Originally published as a boxed set by Doubleday in 1970, the book was accompanied by large graphic posters that could serve as a portable learning environment for a new process-based model of education, and a bibliography and checklist that map patterns and relationships between radical thought and artistic practices—from the modernist avant-gardes to postmodernism, from the Bauhaus to Black Mountain College, from Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin to Buckminster Fuller and Norman O. Brown—with Herbert Marcuse and Marshall McLuhan serving as points of anchorage. Blueprint for Counter Education thus serves as a vital synthesis of the numerous intellectual currents in the countercultural debate on the radical reform of schools, universities and ways of learning. To accompany this new facsimile edition of the book and posters, an 80-page booklet features a conversation with the original Blueprint creators, Maurice R. Stein, Larry Miller and designer Marshall Henrichs, as well as essays from Jeffrey Schnapp, Paul Cronin and notes on the design by Adam Michaels of Project Projects.”

8″ X 10.75″ 272 pages boxed paperbacks, comes with 3 posters