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I haven’t made it a priority to write a proper about section and it’s been left devoid of any text for years. Even the photos above date back to 2013… (terrible!).
In any case, here are a quick few facts for the curious ones; I moved into the space which now inhabits ibiki during the summer of 2011. It was then a big step from the first shop I had- which was around 1/5 of the size we have now. It’s taken me awhile to grow into it… and it’s still not quite “finished”. The shop is a platform which enables myself and my peers to explore and experiment while weaving together a community around us. The news section of this site covers a lot of original material generated by us, and is written in the first person by me, Jonah Leslie. If you would like to stay connected please join the newsletter located in the contact section- as that is the main tool I use to communicate with our public (they read just like the site).
Thanks for the support!