09-07, 2018.

Closing time

The end of the shop has come, however this is not the end of me, the person behind the shop. I will be doing pop-up sales in the future, along with many other happenings at my studio, so make sure to sign onto the newsletter in the contact section if you want to be informed.

Last open day is Sunday July 29th 2018.
(reg business hours 12h-18h)

*To read more about how and why we’re closing scroll down to “Street sale history” and “Coming to a close” posts.



Summer show

We’re inviting you to an informal showing of two separate bodies of work inside one space.

The VR station will be operational during the course of the evening – at the exception of the group show.

*We kindly ask to turn cellphones off, or, on airplane mode upon entering the studio.

Doors open at 7pm.

4532 Laval, corer Mt-Royal est.
5$ suggested donation- – –

VR Station by :
Gabriela Hebert
Carol Ribeiro
Debbie Doe

Group performance at Sundown by :
Paige Culley
Dae Courtney
Jonah Leslie
Felix Gourd
Simon Chioini
Marion Paquette
Justin De Luna
Deva Schubert

Shop merchandise

We finally made some shop merch!
The above graphic is on t-shirts and tote bags (which will be under 40$). Keeping it price friendly to make it easy for you to get your hands on some memorabilia :)


Street sale history

Some of you may not know, but this whole shop project, which I’m wrapping up, began during a St-Laurent street sale… and this edition may very well be my last.

Back in 2004, at the tender age of 21, I’d saved up some cash to travel around Asia during the winter months. I sublet my room, packed a bag, and headed to Bangkok with intentions to move around from there. Thailand has a very mercantile sensibility. People are buying and selling pretty much anything you can think of, on every scale. If you buy stating that you have plans to resell, you can negotiate a wholesale price without having to buy large amounts. The creations made by young designers I saw in the markets were so affordable and fun… I began to think “I’ve gotta do something with this!!”. I contacted my friends who ran Space FB on the main at the time, and asked if they could rent me out a little spot during the street sale that coming summer. When they agreed, I had to switch gears and get a job in Bangkok because my savings were going into buying my first lot.

I found a decent (and very cheap) guesthouse just off Khao San road and created a job for myself. Fetching potential customers was my gig. Thing is, the best time to do that was when buses travelling all night originating from the north around Chiang Mai, or southern islands, arrived at the final stop, in my neighbourhood …and that fell between 4am and 6am. There I was with the street cleaners, ladyboy sex workers, strayed drunkards, bar staff and street vendors closing up shop in the last hour of nightfall. Cruising around looking for dozy backpackers apprehensively sleep walking around in search for a room to stay. I’d walk by and make conversation, then propose they come sojourn where I was. It was a win-win scenario as I saw it. They got a decent place to stay, the guest house filled up, and I got a free room, food, a base salary (of about 5$/day), plus a little extra for every room rented. It was enough to keep me going and provided an insiders perspective on the scene. Meanwhile I was getting deep with the local street dancers, going to cross city competitions, practicing in parcs or metro stations, and busking. In the years to come I began working with a fashion magazine, djing, and co-producing events around the city. Trips every other month resulted in my thai life coming to mirror the one I lived here in Montreal. For a time at least. My buying choices brought me elsewhere once ibiki got going, and my thai-style lifestyle was replaced with other places.

…Back to that first trip.
In my spare time I scoured the city looking for the best designers and vendors. I felt compelled and inspired to select and assemble. I sought out markets of all types and tried to get a handle on how, and what, people like to wear close to their bodies. Being so far away from my home culture, it became somewhat of a socio-cultural study. The whole process was a huge learning opportunity which I embraced.

The cheapest way to ship was by boat, which took longer, but I had time. Shipping goods is no picnic however, and I had zero experience with it … I eventually got a handle on it but it took some serious trial and error to figure out let me tell you!

During this first trip and some of the next, I went through Tokyo on my way back and picked up a few things there as well. Eventually I migrated towards Hong Kong looking for goods, which led me some years later (roughly 2010) to Seoul.

I managed to haul one first box plus a suitcase down to the main in June 2004, and for the very first time set up shop. The street sale was a success, and I decided to reinvested the profits. It also meant going back to Asia to spend more time there. Especially during the winter months. Keeping on with this racket as a side thing, I participated in pop-ups around Montreal, held “sales meetings” in my homes, and of course, regularly attended the street sales until 2006 when I opened OLDgOLD Boutique. It was a signless hole in the wall on Avenue Mount-Royal.
Some years went by and my buying expanded into Europe, the US and Canada of course. In 2011 I upgraded to the current local, and returned to my yearly Street sales on the Boulevard that got me started.

So there you have it!
This thing has come full circle as they say.

Myself and the fantastic group of people which compose the staff really hope to see you there!

*Photo credit: Bas Jan Ader


Versions ss18

For this seasons drop I invited Gerald & Fatine to shoot some of the gear. The images are a mix of ss18 Versions, other shop clothing, and Gerald’s own stuff. Not all items are shown here, but the collection includes cut and sewn pieces, along with prints and artisanal tie-dye. One print named “The Rave” by Pascale Mercier and some other print designs by Alexis Coutu-Marion and Myself.

Photos: Fatine Violette-Sabiri
Model: Claire
Styling: Gerald Lajoie
Versions: Jonah Leslie
Location: White Wall Studio

Coming to a close

I took the decision to close the shop this July 31st 2018. I’m not selling it, and I don’t have any plans to re-open elsewhere. It’s just time for me to turn the page on this project.

The motivation behind this conclusion is a personal one… running a business comes with an unimaginable amount of work, responsibility and sacrifice. It’s relentless, and requires a lot of administrative work, which I’ve carried on banefully for the 12 years since I opened the first shop in 2006.

Right now, I want to live lighter, simpler. Have more time, possess the freedom and fluidity to be involved in other ventures. The industry has shifted quite a bit in the last years, heading into a direction I have difficulty identifying with. For these reasons, and many more (which I will gladly discuss with you down at the shop in the coming months), I must put this thing to rest.

There won’t be a closing party. Instead I’m announcing this with ample time for you to come and have some one-on-one with me and/or the shop.

There’s still a good 2 months to be had though, so let’s not get misty eyed just yet!

*The photo above is a still taken by Josiane Issa from a dance piece of mine named “6 Figures”, 2015. You can view it here.

04, 2018.

Paloma Wool

Come see what’s new from Paloma Wool this season!