Photos by Josiane Issa.

Editorial Magazine

The Editorial Magazine you may already be familiar with given that it is printed right here in Montreal. Along with their latest issue we now stock some of their tshirts, sweatshirts and tote bags.

Photo by Jonah Leslie // 12, 2016.

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Kisho Kurokawa

Here’s a great book for those interested in Japanese architecture. Kisho Kurokawa is widely known for the the controversial Nakagin capsule tower erected in Tokyo during the 1972 Winter Olympics (shown on the book cover). Nakagin has been getting a lot of press in the last few years largely due to its pending demolition. Kurokawa’s work, however, extends far beyond this one project.

He was Co-founder of an auspicious architecture movement formed during the 1960’s named Metabolism. The group’s manifesto had a wide variety of sources including biological processes which would be applied to plan adaptable structures. Although many of their ideas remained theoretical, the materialised projects and ideologies put forward are fascinating.
Kurokawa has recently articulated his theory of Symbiosis, in which he examines the contemporary shift from machine-age values to more organic environments. This retrospective book spans his still-vibrant career, illuminating the continuity, originality and humanity of his work. Covered here are less-familiar early designs and current undertakings of astounding proportions.

160 pages hardcover 8.5 x 11 ”
Published by Jovis

Tunica Prints

Textile designer Hoon-Ju Ko (from South Korea) and photographer Jose Garcia (from Spain) met and work out of New York city since the beginnings of Tunica Magazine some 6-7 issues ago. Their nexus has since grown beyond the printed page into art shows and collaborational outputs of all sorts. They’ve also been working at New Inc., the world’s first Museum led incubator hosted and housed by New Museum; providing a collaborative space for a highly selective, interdisciplinary community of one hundred members to investigate new ideas and develop a sustainable practice.

I hang out with Hoon-Ju every time I’m in the apple. We’ve been tight since we first met in Montreal a few years back. Our friend networks now extend out to Seoul even! We have a tremendous mutual love and respect for each other both personally and professionally, and I am delighted to now propose her work in our poster section.

These 4 designs are part of a 6 which are now on offer at the shop!



Hangers : remixes 1 to 4 by Jonah Leslie.

Fall 2015 Window Instal: Hangers.

The point of entry on each window installation begins with choosing the main material element with which to build. This selection is determined by things found in our immediate surrounding within the shop; banal retail objects.

Shirts, bags, mops, boxes, paper towel and in this case hangers, are part of the spaces inherent constituents, which are displayed with the least amount of added materials possible.

A monotone (often white) palette is chosen in order to accentuate the volumes, shapes and overall composition of the sculpture and to blur the relationship and familiarity one has to the object in question. The shapes created take form according to the vitrine stage, ceiling, wall and building fronts space and proportions.

Added to that is the characteristic of modularity, thus making it possible to deconstruct and reassemble each set multiple times, before passing onto a new theme.

It is this set of parameters that forms a common thread between each piece I’ve done since the opening.


Robert Morris, 1961.

The Day Of The Box

Some of you no doubt are already privy to the movement I speak of.

The “Day of the Box”, otherwise known as BOXING DAY, can be quite a perilous time if you’re not carefull.

The photo of this gentleman is a rare example of what can happen if you get too close (sort of an Icarus type symptom which occurs in extreme cases)…

It’s been said that the best way to steer clear of this madness is to get up, get out, and keep moving.

In anticipation for flooded streets we’re preparing a Boxing Day SALE !!

Select discounts on Mens and Womens clothing, some footwear, bags, and other things too.

New pieces will also be added to the floor so don’t miss out!