05, 2016.



Similarly to past videos this one is, again, shot at my studio (whitewallstudio.co) with Paige Culley, who, otherwise, dances with Marie Chouinard.
As you can see it’s filmed and edited in a super low-fi manner.
The focus is not so much on production quality as it is an ongoing exploration and generation of movement vocabulary and video style.

These are set improvisations around themes I come up with.
As the camera is rolling I call out “scores” or “themes” or “ideas” we then execute in one or two takes.
I also direct things as we’re doing it (that’s why you see my mouth moving).
Perfection is not the goal… in fact I quite like the little hesitations, mishaps and off-nesses which occur in this context. Enjoy!


Henrik Vibskov

A central Saint-Martins graduate, Henrik also lends his mind to fine arts showing in museums and gallery settings. In addition to his clothing line, Henrik does theater and costume design for theater, interior design, and music. He’s the drummer for Trentemoller. You can see the multi-dimensional vision this man has in any fashion show he puts on – where he’ll build elaborate sets and sometimes compose the music himself, or even play live.
I personally respect that his creativity crosses over many mediums, yet his vision remains singular.

His clothes are pretty quirky but we made a small buy which I think fits well within the shop DNA.

We’re delighted to be the sole retailer of his label here in Montreal.

Photos & Edit by Jonah Leslie // 05- 2016.

Pebbles Paradise

Bienvenue Publishing

Our print section now offers a selection of greeting cards, postcards, and posters from Zurich’s Bienvenue Publishing.

Line Dancing

Photos by Jonah Leslie // 03-2016.

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04, 2016.

Our Legacy // SS16

This Stockholm based menswear brand is still a house favourite.

The new collection is currently in store.