White Wall Studio

This is our studio.
It’s ran independently from the shop but this is where we host events from time to time.
We’re currently taking bookings for the fall so if you need a space for rehearsals/photo/video/shoots/workshops do let us know!

More info on the website.

Juliette Blouin

I’m very pleased to introduce the work of neighbourhood homie Juliette Blouin. I’ve always known her as my friends younger sister but she’s all grown up now and the girl has talent – runs in the family it seems.

We’re releasing a series of silkscreen prints along with a spiral bound book which were produced in small amount, signed and numbered.

The book is 25$ and the prints come in a set of 3 for 18$.

The images above were taken from her website should you care to get more acquainted.

07- 2015.

Structural Failures

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you’d like them too.

We tried building an installation with paper towels and ran into all sorts of trouble. We revised the plans, took different angles looked at new approaches. But due to the inherent characteristics of these rolls it was impossible to build upwards as far and thin as I wanted to – without adding a second element just for balance’s sake.

… More tests to come.

Behind the scenes shot of 6 Figures – a sculptural choreography by Jonah Leslie coming soon.

by Jonah Leslie

Edit by Jonah Leslie

Alicia Alonso

03 /06- 2015.

Join The Team !

We’ve got a part time sales position opening up!

If you’d like to send in your application please take note of the following requirements;
-Retail experience
-Fluent french & english
-Knowledge & interest for the arts & design
-Available to work 20 hours/week into fall/winter.

We like to put a face to a name so please add us on facebook and let us know what profile to look for.

And send CV to info@ibiki.co

07- 2015.

Music Is For Sharing

Here‘s an older podcast I (Jonah Leslie) recorded back in 2007. I forget what the 2 first tracks were that I used. I’m thinking it may be Kerrier District and an LCD Soundsystem remix but I can’t be certain. Those tracks were all on an old computer I lost years ago. Anyway here’s the rest of it.

1- ?
2- ?
3- In the city – Chromatics
4- Surfing at Midnight – Sorcerer (Prins Thomas remix)
5- Anna Due – Sleazy McQueen ft. Anne Montone (Cole Medina remix)
6- Keep Me In My Plane  - Who Made Who (DJ Koze Hudson River dub mix)
7- Benny Blanco – Put your hands
8- Moment – Damian Lazarus
9- Say Goodbye – Kahn ft. Julee Cruise (Losoul “she’s homeless” mix)
10- I think it’s too late – Rework
11- Back and forth – Alex Kidd

*Cover art is a photo by Gyory Kepes.