Dancers: Alex Burton, Alexandre Morin, Edwin Isford, Katherine N, Laura Toma, Paige Culley.
Choreography and Direction: Jonah Leslie.
Wardrobe: ibiki.


Photo by Gerry Johansson in his monograph Tree Stone Water published by Libraryman (available in store).

Music is For Sharing

Here’s a lovely mix I found deep on the internets from London’s Stuart Daly. It has a balearic blend of mellow 80′s dad rock, psych rock, dream folk and synthy sexiness. It’s called “Music for drinking beer by the water”, which is a mood I can go for, even though I’m not one to drink brew all that often.

Download on our soundcloud page.

Steel Mirrors

These nifty polished stainless steel sheet mirrors from New York based “Good Thing” are now available at the shop!

The supports are cut out and bent into shape taking any sort of secondary framing material out of the equation. The result, as you can see, is pared down and clean.


Square (45$): 9.5″ x 9.5″
Rectangle (45$): 11.75″ x 7.875″
Long Rectangle (45$): 13″ x 6″
Standing (56$): 7.75″ x 10.5″


Kazimir Malevich

I recently came across these beautiful photographs of Malevich’s 1923-30 three-dimensional models, some of which I had the privilege to view many years ago. The man’s style always resonated with me and so I made sure to stock a book on his work when inaugurating the shop publications section. Sadly this title has been overlooked and I think we still have a copy or two (book cover just above). The edition covers the “Suprematism” movement he put forward and compares it to his contemporaries, namely within the constructivist style of the early 20th century.

Malevich’s method although austere in look came from the idea of communicating absolute sentiment through pure form.

“When, in the year 1913, in my desperate attempt to free art from the ballast of objectivity, I took refuge in the square form and exhibited a picture which consisted of nothing more than a black square on a white field. The critics and, along with them, the public sighed, “Everything which we loved was lost. We are in a desert…Before us is nothing but a black square on a white background! But the desert is filled with the spirit of non-objective feeling…”

Hopefully this will convince you to take a closer look!

Photo Montage by Jonah Leslie 07- 2015.

Entry Denied

My friends over at Bosquet Magazine asked me to submit an entry for the next sugar themed issue. The first idea I had didn’t work out the way I wanted, so I went out and bought sugar cubes to try something else. These are the raw tests I did, which I sent in past the deadline. Turns out someone else had already submitted something with cubes so mine won’t make the cut. I’ll do something for the next issue, but for the time being I’m sharing the sweetness right here.

New Shipment of #commedesgarcons #perfumes just in with lots of new fragrances #cdg #ibikidotco
(August 2015) New Shipment of Comme Des Garcons perfumes just in with lots of new fragrances!

White Wall Studio

This is our studio.
It’s ran independently from the shop but this is where we host events from time to time.
We’re currently taking bookings for the fall so if you need a space for rehearsals/photo/video/shoots/workshops do let us know!

More info on the website.