11-25, 2015.

Black Friday

It’s Black Friday this week and we’ve finally decided to get on board.
(Pun intended).

All clothing, footwear, bags and accessories will be 20% OFF all day.
Everything on the sale racks will be half price.

Regular hours of operation 12h to 21h.

Tao Dance Theater

Chapter // FW15

This is our first season with the boys over at Chapter. I had the chance to connect with one of the founders, Mark Logan this past summer. These are good people doing some beautiful clothes. I buy the more toned down pieces which offer distinguishable silhouettes, and creative detailing. A few pieces in the shop currently, with a heftier shipment in the pipe lines for ss16.

Sabrina Jolicoeur

When she’s not busy working on Rad Hourani’s latest projects, Sabrina Jolicoeur creates her own work within, and outside, of her Concordia photography (and art history) classes. We’ve begun what I can foresee as being an ongoing collaboration – sharing her images through the shops print section.

The Stowe

Here’s Molly Spittal’s latest lookbook shot by her man Matt and styled by homie Frédérique Gauthier.
When it comes to making fine leather bags, and drinking beers, these guys mean business.
Molly moved to Montreal from BC some years ago to set up shop. All her production is done locally. And we’re the main retailer in the city!

Designed by Alexis Coutu-Marion & Jonah Leslie

ibiki Poster Series

These are the first 3 of an in house poster series we’re launching as the shop celebrates the inauguration of the poster section.  This new initiative will be housing the works of local and international talents alike. Prints ranging in size from very small to quite large, stamped, printed and screened, on all types of papers and cardboards, with no particular theme or common thread, other than the fact that we like the look of them.

This project has been in the making for over a year now, so I’m very excited to have it come to life!

It’s a big opportunity for collaboration and exploration. And an incredible way to weave and share a visual vernacular with friends, peers, and customers.

What you see above is a series I’ll be working on separately, with the specific size of 24 x 36, and formated as shown here. Branded and all. The theme for it is “Body Language”. And the actual printing is being done at Photosynthese.

The first is a window installation I built for the shop in 2014.
Shot on medium format by Josiane Issa, my right hand man.

The second was made with original 1978 photos of my father, Andrew Harwood, and his friends in a studio in Vancouver named “The Western Front”. That’s where he took his first dance workshops (probably a few years prior to this photo). The studio was eventually taken over by a close family friend, and long time collaborator of my dad’s, Peter Bingham. Peter is also in the photos.
We’re not sure but it’s probable this was taken by Chris Randal, who is now a very established dance photographer on the west coast.
These are all people I grew up around, in a place where I spent lots of my childhood during annual summer travels to Vancouver and BC.
And where I ate my first tequila worm at age 13!

The third is a high rez scan of an original work by Austrian artist Lore Hauremann.
I met Lore at Impulse Tanz in Vienna sometime during mid teens. She was a friend of the festival, and would come to my dad’s classes to work. She used this incredible technique setting up on large tables, positioning rice paper rolls across them, to paint the movement she was viewing. Painting dancers motion with an approach combining artistry she learned in the far east to create a style of her own yet very similar to traditional chinese and Japanese scripture.
She’s given many pieces to my dad over the years, his home walls have always carried her works. And this is one I snagged from him (with Lore’s permission of course). She was in fact quite pleased to be part of all this.

It was imperative to start this new print section, and series, close to home.
Just like I’ve done with the shop, running it in the area I grew up in.
It just seemed right to start it in a place I know.
BUT, with some hard work and a bit of fortune, it will take me places I’ve never been.
(Corny I know, but truth none the less!)

Colpa Press Prints

These riso prints by San Francisco’s Colpa Press will be part of our new Poster section. in very limited quantity.

Peter Judson Limited Edition Print
April Showers No.5
4-6 Color Risograph
11 × 17 in
Ed. of 50