24 July 2016

Hiring / Nous Embauchons

Gearing up for fall we’ve got a part time sales position opening up because some of the current people will be heading back to school.

If you’d like to send in your application please take note of the following requirements;
-Retail experience
-Fluent french & english
-Knowledge & interest for the arts & design
-Available 15 to 25 hours a week this fall

We like to put a face to a name so please add us on a social media of your liking and let us know what profile to look for.

Send CV to info@ibiki.co

Sylvie Guillem & Laurent Hilaire by William Forsythe, 1987.

In The Middle Somewhat Elevated

Jonah Leslie, 2016.

New Prints

These 4 prints are now available in store. Shot on 35mm. Laser printed on 8.5 x 11 cardboard with aprox 2 inch white borders.

It’s taken me some time to get around to it but you’ll be seeing a lot more of my photography in the print section at very affordable prices…

– “Photosynthesis” was shot in my friend Randy Warshaw’s studio in soho. Randy danced with Trisha Brown for many years and danced with my father. Him and I have remained good friends as he lives in NYC. I’ve known him and his wife Celine since I was the age of his kids- one of whom is under that blanket I wrapped them in one night before dinner.

– “Towels” was shot In Puerto Escondido Mexico at a most amazing home I somehow find myself staying at for 5 days with total strangers whom I now count as close friends.

-“Two heads, two arms, four legs” was shot at WhiteWallStudio.co with some Montreal dancer buddies. This was an outtake from the Tellings, an editorial spread you can view below.

-“Tunnels” is in the middle of the market I buy stuff from in Seoul, South Korea. They’re city ventilation ducts.

Window installation by Jonah Leslie, 07-2016.

Price tags remix N.02

Public Holidays, 2016.

06- 2016.


Every spring we do a little creative something for the shop. Sometimes it’s a video, other times a photoshoot.
These images were shot with some of this seasons gear at white wall studio last week.

If you see things you fancy, the clothing items used in the spread will be displayed (and for sale) on rotation behind the desk and on the mannequins in the shop for the next while.

Models: Bronté, Ludovic, Paige and Scott.
Styling: Frédérique Légaré and Jonah Leslie
Photography and creative direction: Jonah Leslie
Wardrobe: ibiki

Photo from Ugo La Pietra, 1967.

From June 9th to 19th 2016

Saint-Laurent Boulevard will be hosting it’s yearly street sale this week and we’re having a big liquidation for the occasion. Come see what’s going on!