Oak Nyc

Known for unusual basics with a penchant for the unisex, New York’s Oak label is seeping its way into the shop this fall. We’re quite pleased with the quality on everything, and the folks behind the brand have been a real pleasure to work with so far so you can expect more from this partnership in the months to come. Above is a selection of what’s currently available in store.

Sissel Tolaas

This back issue of Berlin’s Mono.Kultur was dedicated to Tolaas and her study of smell. We’ve restocked on a few copies recently. Here’s what Mono.Kultur had to say:

“This issue was a long process, so we are particularly proud to announce mono.kultur #23 featuring Norwegian scientist and artist Sissel Tolaas who has dedicated her life and work to the world of smells. And what an issue it’s turned out to be – mono.kultur #23 contains no visual imagery but clears the page for our most primary sense: the magazine will be impregnated with 12 scents curated by Sissel Tolaas. And we’re not talking about perfumes either, but what Tolaas would coin ‘difficult smells’. With a special technique called microencapsulation, the scents are literally printed into the magazine – you rub the paper to release them…”

NYABF // 2015

I picked up some great stuff for the shop this weekend.
Most of which will be available in out poster section later this fall.

Back in stock!<br />
Circle, Square, Triangle design books by #BrunoMunari<br />
Back in stock! Circle, Square, Triangle design books by #BrunoMunari

Our Legacy // AW15

A taste from the 10 year collection by Stockholm’s Menswear OUR LEGACY.

Studio Sale

Dancers: Alex Burton, Alexandre Morin, Edwin Isford, Katherine N, Laura Toma, Paige Culley.
Choreography and Direction: Jonah Leslie.
Wardrobe: ibiki.


Our latest dance video~!