Photos by Jonah Leslie, 08-2016.



These images are from a little shoot I did whilst at Bates Dance Festival in Maine this past July.

Shot on 35mm and printed on 8.5 x 11 cardboard with approximately 2 inch white borders.

08, 2016.

Music is For Sharing

If you’ve ever been in the shop and thought to yourself; “…hey wait a minute, I’m really digging these groovy tunes right now…”, you should head over to our Soundcloud page and download a bunch of mixes we’ve just shared.
…There’s even a couple live recordings of mine in there.

07- 2016.

Creative Shoot

Photography: Michele Coté

Styling: Samuel Fournier



Sylvie Guillem & Laurent Hilaire by William Forsythe, 1987.

In The Middle Somewhat Elevated

Jonah Leslie, 2016.


These 4 prints are now available in store. Shot on 35mm. Laser printed on 8.5 x 11 cardboard with aproximately 2 inch white borders.

It’s taken me some time to get around to it but you’ll be seeing a lot more of my photography in the print section at very affordable prices…

– “Photosynthesis” was shot in my friend Randy Warshaw’s studio in soho. Randy danced with Trisha Brown for many years and danced with my father. I’ve known him and his wife Celine since I was the age of their kids- one of whom is under this blanket I wrapped them in one night before dinner earlier this year.

– “Towels” was shot In Puerto Escondido Mexico at a most amazing home I somehow found myself staying at for 5 days with total strangers whom I now count as close friends.

-“Two heads, two arms, four legs” was shot at with some Montreal dancer buddies. This was an outtake from Tellings, an editorial spread you can view below.

-“Tunnels” is in the middle of the market where I buy stuff from in Seoul, South Korea. They are city ventilation ducts.

Window installations by Jonah Leslie, 07-2016.

Price Tags

Some images of the 3 remixes from our Summer ’16 window display.

*For more info about these installation please scroll down to the post about the Clothing Hangers.

Public Holidays, 2016.